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Confidential and Discreet Delivery
OQO product range
oqo product range

OQO Range

Using latest Absorbatec® technology we have improved the bioavailability of the actives multiple times compared to other oral dosage forms. We have also used the same technology to mask the bitterness.

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Anadin Extra - 12 Soluble Tablets
Anadin Extra - 32 Caplets
Galpharm Ibuprofen 200mg Capsules 16's
Numark Paracetamol Caplets 16
Deep Heat Heat Rub Pain Relief Cream 67g
Cura Heat Period Pain Relief - 3 Patches
Cl-ear Pain Relief Ear Drops - 7g
Ashton & Parsons Teething Gel - 10ml
Bonjela Soothing Teething Gel 5ml
4head Headache Relief
Numark 200mg Ibuprofen Tablets - 16's
Galpharm Ibuprofen 200mg Caplets 16's
Deep Freeze Cold Spray 150ml
Deep Freeze Cold Gel - 30g
Radox Muscle Therapy Bath Soak - 500ml
Radox Bath Muscle Soak - 500ml
Deep Heat Bath Tonic - 350ml
Calprofen Ibuprofen Suspension - 100ml

Pain Relief

We have a wide selection of different types of pain relief including ibuprofen gel and paracetamol tablets.

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