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Benacort 64mcg/act nasal spray is commonly used for the treatment of nasal allergy symptoms, including hay fever and year-round allergies. It is a nasal spray that contains an active ingredient called budesonide (64 micrograms per actuation), which helps reduce inflammation and relieve nasal congestion and irritation.

Usage Instructions:

  • Dosage: For adults and children over 6 years old, the usual dose is one or two sprays into each nostril once daily. Consult your healthcare provider for specific dosing instructions.
  • Administration: Shake the bottle gently before each use. Remove the protective cap, and then insert the nozzle into one nostril while closing the other nostril with a finger. Tilt your head slightly forward and, while breathing gently through your nose, press the pump to release the spray. Repeat the process for the other nostril.
  • Duration: Continue using Benacort as long as you are exposed to allergens or as directed by your healthcare provider.
  • Special Populations: Consult a healthcare professional before using this medication in children under 6 years old.


  • Each actuation (spray) of Benacort nasal spray contains:
    • Budesonide (64 micrograms)


  1. Use as Directed: Use Benacort 64mcg/act nasal spray strictly according to the prescribed dosage or package instructions. Do not exceed the recommended dose.
  2. Allergic Reactions: If you experience an allergic reaction, such as skin rash, itching, swelling, or difficulty breathing, discontinue use and seek immediate medical attention.
  3. Eye Contact: Avoid spraying Benacort directly into your eyes. If accidental eye contact occurs, rinse your eyes with cold water and consult a healthcare professional if irritation persists.
  4. Long-term Use: Long-term or excessive use of nasal corticosteroid sprays like Benacort may lead to potential side effects. Consult your healthcare provider if you have concerns about prolonged use.
  5. Other Medications: Inform your healthcare provider or pharmacist about all medications you are taking, including over-the-counter drugs and herbal supplements, as they may interact with Benacort.
  6. Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: Consult a healthcare professional before using Benacort if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding.
  7. Storage: Store the nasal spray in a cool, dry place, out of the reach of children. Do not expose it to direct sunlight or excessive heat.

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