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What is the new NHS Pharmacy First Service?

Pharmalogic has successfully launched the NHS Pharmacy First scheme enabling patients to attain clinical advice and a suitable treatment for a range of common conditions. Our expert Pharmacists can complete consultations for patients, without the need to visit their general practice. This not only enhances the patients convenience, but also ensures that prompt care is received for conditions that can be effectively managed within the scope of our pharmacy services.

What does the New Pharmacy First Service Cover?

Patients can access the NHS Pharmacy First service for the following conditions:

 Clinical Pathway Age range
Uncomplicated UTI

Women 16 - 64 years


18 years and over


1 years and over

Infected Insect Bites

1 years and over


12 years and over

Sore Throat 5 years and over


If a patient suspects they have one of the common conditions, they can go to their nearest Pharmalogic chemist and speak to a Pharmacist with no appointment needed. Alternatively, they can scan the QR code to arrange an online remote consultation with our Pharmacists.


Are Pharmacists trained to deliver the NHS Pharmacy First Service?

Pharmacists have completed in depth training to be able to provide the new NHS Pharmacy first service, and give appropriate advice and medication to manage the listed conditions.

Our pharmacists have undergone additional comprehensive face to face training, hosted by a group of doctors. The sessions included the scope of the service, eligible conditions, and the process of providing consultations to a high standard.

How to access the service provided by Pharmalogic Chemist?

To ease your access to this service, follow the link provided below. This will direct you to a FREE consultation with our trained pharmacist.                                                                         

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Will the pharmacist prescribe medication for me?

The Pharmacy First Service allows pharmacists to offer their expertise and prescribe prescription-only medication to treat a range of conditions.There is a variety of medication available as prescribed and over the counter. The Pharmacist can advise on the appropriate treatment depending on the clinical needs of the patient. It is in the best interest of our Pharmacists to help patients manage their symptoms, therefore it is important to understand that prescription medication is not always needed.

Did You Know: For any medication that is prescribed we are offering FREE delivery!  



Below are some testimonies from some of our patients who have used the Pharmacy First Service, either online or by visiting our pharmacy. 

Sophia: I used the service for my son, a very friendly pharmacist, and I received the delivery of the medication on the same day. 

Mary: There were no GP appointments available, so I contacted Pharmalogic chemist. After a consultation with the pharmacist, he decided medication was not needed and instead provided me with advice. This service was far easier than waiting for a GP appointment, and I will definitely be using my local pharmacy again.


‘We are pleased to launch the Pharmacy First Service, and be able to support our patients. It is a great opportunity to be part of the long term vision of the NHS. 
Pharmalogic Chemist currently offers same day delivery of medication for over 200 care homes across the North West. We aim to be able to offer same day delivery of the medication to a lot of our patients. 
Our team of pharmacists are excited to be able to help patients and support NHS plans to recover access to primary care.’


Muhammed Patel, Clinical Pharmacist



Pharmalogic Chemist, is a Pharmacy registered with the GPhC (Reg. No. 9010938) and is located on 464 Ranglet Road, Walton Summit Centre, Bamber Bridge, Preston, Lancashire, PR5 8AR. The Superintendent Pharmacist is Haroon Amanji (Reg. No. 2070534).


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