Hypromellose Eye Drops 0.3% - 10ml - Pack of 3 (Brand May Vary)

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Hypromellose is used as an artificial tear to protect the cornea in patients with keratoconjunctivitis sicca caused by rheumatoid arthritis, xerophthalmia, or keratitis, as well as during gonioscopy procedures. It is also used to lubricate artificial eyes and to moisten hard contact lenses.

Usage Instructions:

Place 2-4 drops in each eye 4 times a day or as instructed by your doctor.

Contact lens wearers should remove before use and replace 30 minutes after taking this medication

Read the instructions carefully that have been included with the product before use.

Store below 25℃.


The active substance is hypromellose 0.3%w/v

The other ingredients are purified water, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, borax, boric acid, and benzalkonium chloride solution. It may also contain sodium hydroxide or hydrochloric acid.


Do NOT take if:

  • The pack is past the expiry date. Discard after 28 days of opening.
  • Allergic or hypersensitive to any ingredient listed.
  • Do Not use it for more than 4 days consecutively.
  • Stop use immediately if experiencing any side effects.

For further information refer to the patient information leaflet. For any concerns before use, you must contact a doctor or GP before use.

Each purchase of this item will include Hypromellose 0.3%, with possible variations in brand.

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