Fluconazole Thrush Treatment - Single 150mg Capsule

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The Fluconazole 150mg capsule is a medication suitable for addressing conditions such as vaginal thrush (Candidal vaginitis), penile thrush (Candidal balanitis), and various systemic fungal infections. It falls under the category of azole antifungal drugs and operates by inhibiting the proliferation of specific fungal strains. This mechanism enables fluconazole to effectively and promptly target the root cause of thrush, swiftly delivering relief.

Usage Instructions:

Adults aged 16-60 years: the dose is one capsule. Swallow the capsule whole with a glass of water.


Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking the 150 mg Capsules if you:

  • Have any disease or illness affecting your liver or kidneys.
  • Suffer from heart disease, including heart rhythm problems.
  • Have abnormal levels of potassium, calcium or magnesium in your blood.
  • Develop severe skin reactions (itching, reddening of the skin or difficulty in breathing).
  • Develop signs of ‘adrenal insufficiency’ where the adrenal glands do not produce adequate amounts of certain steroid hormones such as cortisol (chronic, or long lasting fatigue, muscle weakness, loss of appetite, weight loss, abdominal pain)
  • Or your partner has had exposure to a sexually transmitted disease. 
  • Are unsure about the cause of your symptoms.
  • If the fungal infection does not improve, alternative antifungal therapy may be needed.
  • Have ever developed a severe skin rash or skin peeling, blistering and/or mouth sores after taking the 150 mg Capsules.

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