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Extra Large Skins were designed with the support of a specially recruited panel of well-endowed men to help.  The panel of judges tried all the available large condoms on the market and together decided on what they felt was the best fit.  The optimum size they arrived at was a girth of 57mm and length of 205mm - and so Skins Extra Large were born, manufactured to their recommended specification.  

All Skins condoms are made with premium quality latex to offer better, more satisfying protected sex. The high quality latex used to make Skins condoms ensures that the finished product is thinner than most leading brands, guaranteeing a comfortable Skin on Skin experience. 

Here's a little of what makes Skins different and why wearing a Skins Condom is the safe, easy way to have protected sex without compromising on sensation.

Natural Feeling

Skins condoms are made from only the highest-quality latex, so they're clear and thin to make the experience of using one as close to not using one as possible. Easy to put on, clear and thin, they really feel like a second skin. 

Clear Condoms

Skins condoms are so clear they look and feel like a second skin. This enables people to take pride in wearing a condom and have as natural an experience as possible encouraging people to `never go in without a skin'. 

No Latex Smell

One of the key reasons people give for not wearing a condom is that they dislike the latex smell. For that reason all Skins condoms are infused with a subtle vanilla scent. 

Extra Lubricated

All Skins are extra lubricated for greater comfort and safety. Unlike other brands, Skins lubricant is formulated to cover most of the length of the condom. This minimises splitting and makes the condom more comfortable for both partners. 


This product contains latex. Do not use it if you are allergic.

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