Sebamed Intimate Wash Soap 200ml

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The intimate areas of a woman’s body are extremely delicate and can be prone to infection, and so need extra-special care. Sebamed Wash is perfect for everyday intimate hygiene. The pH of 3.8 promotes the natural balance of the microflora in these incredibly sensitive areas. However, it also delivers perfect cleanliness, soothing irritation and softening dry skin nicely.


  • gently washes the skin of intimate areas, helps remove impurities
  • promotes and maintains the natural balance of the microflora thanks to the pH of 3.8
  • protects against bacteria-induced irritation with regular use
  • provides effective soothing, strengthens the skin’s protective mechanism
  • suitable for everyday hygiene
  • is also suitable for use during your period
  • ideal for women aged 15 to 50 years old


  • bisabolol – soothes, has a cleansing effect, protects against irritation
  • aloe vera – moistens and softens, helps maintain the skin’s natural balance
  • pH 3.8 – respects the natural microflora of intimate areas
  • does not contain soap or alkaline substances

How to apply:
Apply an adequate amount of Sebamed Wash for intimate hygiene to the damp skin of intimate areas while showering. Then rinse thoroughly with water.

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