Cura Heat Period Pain Relief - 3 Patches

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Cura-Heat Period Pain provides targeted, temporary 12 hour pain relief from the aches, discomfort and cramps associated with period pain.


  • 3 patches
  • Air-activated heat for targeted relief.
  • Helps relieve period pain.


Simply open the sachet and apply to the underwear/ clothing where the heat radiates through to the source of pain - increasing circulation, decreasing stiffness and relaxing sore muscles. Fragrance-free, non-medicinal and with a thin discreet design, they are a convenient way to manage your period pain.


Usage/ Dosage

  • Peel away the paper strip.
  • Adhere to the clothing/ underwear over the painful area.


NEVER APPLY HEAT PACKS DIRECTLY TO THE SKIN. Allow air to circulate over the heat pack and do not apply pressure, for example by wearing tight clothes, tights or stockings over wrap. If heat pack becomes uncomfortably hot remove immediately


For full details about Cura Heat period Pain Relief please see the Patient Information Leaflet inside the box. 

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