Just For Men Original Shampoo in Hair Colour H-45 Dark Brown Black

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Just For Men Original Shampoo-In Hair Colour in the shade H-45 Dark Brown Black is a dependable and straightforward solution for men looking to restore their hair's colour while effectively covering greys. With its user-friendly application process, this product allows you to achieve a natural-looking dark brown black shade seamlessly. The unique formula is designed to penetrate coarse and resistant hair types, ensuring even coverage and vibrant results.

This original shampoo-in hair colour not only provides an attractive colour transformation but also helps maintain the texture and health of your hair. The H-45 Dark Brown Black shade adds depth and dimension to your hair, offering a refined appearance without appearing overly artificial.

Ideal for those who prefer a no-fuss approach to hair colour, Just For Men Original Shampoo-In Hair Colour in H-45 Dark Brown Black is a reliable choice that delivers lasting results while minimising the appearance of grey hair, giving you a refreshed and confident look.

Usage Instructions:

Follow the product instruction leaflet for the best results.


Do NOT use if:

  • If you have suffered from any allergic reactions. 
  • Reacted to a temporary “black henna” tattoo.
  • You have a rash on the face or damaged, sensitive or irritated scalp.

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