Benadryl Allergy Natural Relief Spray 15ml

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Benadryl Allergy Natural Relief Spray 15ml

Benadryl allergy natural relief spray will help wash away irritants that cause allergies, such as hay fever. Cleaning the nasal tissue removes the irritants, which reduces allergy symptoms like runny or blocked noses, helping to breathe with ease. 

Usage: Children over 2 years and adults

  1. Insert the nozzle into the nostril. Keep the bottle vertical.
  2. Spray deep into the nostril by pressing the spray head once. It is recommended to breathe in through the nostril while holding the other closed.
  3. Repeat the application in the other nostril.

Infants and babies up to 2 years

  1. Lay your child down and turn their head to one side.
  2. Insert the nozzle into the nostril and press the spray head once.
  3. Remove the nozzle from the nostril and return the bottle to the vertical position, pump once to refill the pump mechanism.
  4. Repeat the application in the other nostril.

Store below 25℃.

Ingredients: Aqua, sodium chloride (0.8%), calcium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, sodium bicarbonate. [PR-016807]

Warning: Do not use Benadryl Allergy Natural Relief Nasal Spray if you have known allergies to sodium chloride or to any of the other ingredients.

Read instructions thoroughly before use. Keep out of reach from children. Do NOT use more than the recommended dose. Do NOT use it for more than 6 weeks after opening the product seal. 

For full details of Benadryl Allergy Natural Relief Spray 15ml please see the Patient Information Leaflet inside the box.

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