3 x Fixodent Plus Dual Power Best Hold 40g

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Fixodent's strongest denture adhesive ever
Fixodent plus premium denture adhesive with neutral flavour, designed for hold within Fixodent line-up
Unbeatable hold within Fixodent line-up: Up to 88% of the hold at the end of the day
10x stronger hold versus no adhesive
Stronger hold versus Fixodent original: Keeps denture securely in place throughout the day

Keep your confidence and comfort all day long
Gain confidence with secure dentures and unbeatable hold. Fixodent PLUS Dual Power is the right ally in your everyday life when it comes to a strong and long-lasting hold. Its concentrated formula ensures proper grip power throughout the day. Plus, it creates a powerful seal to prevent food particles from getting beneath your denture. Feel confident with a strong hold and a comfortable fit. Fixodent PLUS Dual Power goes further to boost your self-confidence and wellbeing. 

Strong hold and Foodseal feature
Fixodent provides strong hold and comfort throughout the day. It keeps dentures securely in place and provides a snug and comfortable fit, while its Foodseal feature helps prevent food particles from getting beneath your dentures.

Fixodent's hold formula
Fixodent PLUS Dual Power™ concentrated formula activates quickly to create a strong bond between your dentures and gums, and keeps releasing adhesive agents throughout the day.

British Dental Health Foundation
Fixodent is the only denture fixative cream that is approved by the British Dental Health Foundation.

Did you know?
A large number of published clinical studies show that Fixodent improves the performance of properly fitting dentures. Thanks to its easy application, Fixodent adhesives adapt well to the distinctive shape of your gums to create a custom fit.

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