Aqueous Cream 500g



Aqueous Cream BP

Aqueous cream BPis formulated using a mixture of emulsifying ointment and water, this is a non-greasy moisturiser that is ideal to use for treating dry skin; particularly eczema and dermatitis, which can get worse when the skin dries out.Aqueous Cream helps to restore the skin to help it retain moisture and is suitable to use all over the body.

What is Aqueous Cream is Used For?
Aqueous Cream can be used as a substitute for soap when washing your hands or yourself in the bath. It will cleanse your skin while not drying it out. It is also an effective moisturiser for dry skin conditions such as eczema.

How to Use

  • Check the tub seal is not broken before first use. If it is, do not use the cream.
  • Adults and children: Apply to the skin when you need to.
  • This cream may also be used instead of soap to wash the skin.
  • For use on the skin only.
  • If symptoms do not go away talk to your doctor.
  • If anyone accidently swallows some of the cream: Talk to a doctor or pharmacist.

Hazards and Cautions

Do not use: If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, You can use this medicine if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.Cetostearyl alcohol and chlorocresol may cause allergic or skin reactions (e.g. contact dermatitis). Possible side effects Most people will not have problems, but some may get some of these:Occasional allergic reactions (e.g. skin rash, red or itchy skin)

If any side effects become severe, or you notice any side effects not listed here, please tell your pharmacist or doctor. Store in cool dry place Keep all medicines out of the sight and reach of children. Use by the date on the base of the tub.

Age Restriction

You must be at least 16 years old to purchase this product.


This is a medicine; Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you have an underlying medical condition, are taking any other medication or complementary therapy, or if symptoms persist.

Seek advice before using if you are breast feeding, pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or suffer from allergies.

Keep all medicines out of the reach of children.

Suitable For

Adults and children.


Active Ingredients

This cream contains Liquid Paraffin 6% w/w, White Soft Paraffin 15% w/w.

Also contains: purified water, emulsifying wax (containing cetostearyl alcohol, sodium laurilsulfate), chlorocresol 0.1% w/w.

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