TENA ProSkin Flex Super - Medium - Pack of 30



For Severe Incontinence and Faecal Incontinence, TENA Flex Maxi are designed to provide extra security against leaks, whilst promoting healthy skin. These comfortable all-in-ones are super absorbent, easy to remove, and feature a handy wetness indicator for users and carers.

TENA Flex Maxi is one of the most absorbent products currently on the market, and can hold up to 2900ml when completely saturated. Each pad features a FeelDry core that works quickly to direct moisture away from the body, maintaining dryness, and leaving skin feeling fresh and healthy

Wetness indicator shows when it is time to change

There is no need to open TENA Flex incontinence protection to find out whether it needs changing. The wetness indicator on the outside of the product turns from yellow to blue when it is time to change. Just one look at the TENA Flex wetness indicator will guide you.

Smart use of materials and high leakage security – a green choice

The incontinence product's design makes more rational use of material. The close anatomical fit reduces leakage risk, in turn decreasing laundry needs.

Leakage barriers for extra security

TENA Flex incontinence protection has high-performance leakage barriers for added protection, whether your loved one is standing, sitting or lying down.

The Odour Neutralizer reduces the effect of ammonia odour

The Odour Neutralizer reduces the effect of ammonia odour, giving your loved one a feeling of freshness and dignity.

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