Promensil Menopause Original Formula 30 Tablets 40mg



  • Specifically developed to provide support and well-being for women during and after the menopause
  • Contains a balanced source of isoflavones that are important to health
  • It May help to maintain good general health during the menopause

Highly recommended for women throughout menopause, Promensil Menopause Original is specifically formulated to provide a maintenance dose of active ingredients to help cope with the symptoms of menopause. These red clover isoflavones are naturally occurring plant estrogens that are not chemically synthesized.

Promensil is the most extensively studied menopause supplement. Promensil has been used in international scientific research into the effects of red clover supplementation during menopause for over 15 years. Studies have shown that Promensil may help to maintain good general health during menopause and offer additional support to the usual vitamin and soya blends and that it has a good safety profile.

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