ORS Hydration Sports – 20 Orange Tablets



The restoration of electrolyte balance then allows the body to rapidly absorb fluid into the bloodstream and transport it around the body.


  • Formulated by pharmacists
  • Magnesium & Vitamin D
  • Vegan friendly


ORS allows your body to absorb water quicker nearly as you drink it using a process called osmosis. The balanced mix of electrolytes combined with just a small amount of glucose, quickly balances your electrolytes and creates an osmotic gradient that allows water to flood into your bloodstream.



Drop, dissolve and drink one O.R.S Sport tablet in 500ml of normal drinking water.



Ingredients: Dextrose Monohydrate (Glucose Syrup); Citric Acid; Acidity Regulator [Sodium Bicarbonate]; Magnesium Carbonate; Potassium Chloride; Sodium Chloride; Anti-Caking Agent (Maize Starch); Natural Orange Flavouring (Maltodextrin, Dextrin, Flavouring Preparations, Natural Flavouring Substances); Sweetener (Sucralose); Colour (Beetroot Juice Concentrate); Cholecalciferol (Sucrose, Acacia, Corn Starch, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Silicon Dioxide, Vitamin D3, DL-Alpha-Tocopherol); Riboflavin.


For full details about ORS Hydration please see the Patient Information Leaflet in the box.

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