Odor Eaters Sport 24 Hour Foot Spray - 30ml



Odor-Eaters Foot and Shoe Spray Specially formulated to help keep the most active feet and shoes fresh and odour free all day.

  • Keeps shoes fresh
  • Stops foot odour
  • Cool and soothing

OdorEaters Foot and Shoe Spray contains a specially selected combination of anti-bacterial agents to help prolong shoe life. OdorEaters Foot and Shoe Spray is so gentle, cool and soothing you can use it for the entire family.


  • Shake can well before spraying.
  • Hold can 20 cm from feet and shoes.
  • For feet: Spray evenly on top, between toes and on soles.
  • For shoes: Spray inside shoes for 2-3 seconds before and after wear.
  • Wipe off any excess product from external shoe material immediately.

Extremely flammable. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Always read instructions.



For full details on Odor-Eaters please see the Patient Information on the side of the product.

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