O.R.S Immune Juicy Orange Flavour - 20 Tablets



O.R.S Immune Juicy Orange Flavour - 20 Tablets

O.R.S Immune combines O.R.S's time-tested hydration formula with a blend of vitamins and minerals designed specifically to support your immune system. Each tablet contains vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and iron, giving your body everything it needs to maintain its vital defences.

Usage: Adults and children over the age of six should dissolve two O.R.S Hydration Capsules in 200ml of water. As required, stir. Consume the mixture right away. If you want to use them as a sports drink, dissolve 1-2 ORS Hydration Tablets in 500ml of water and consume it before or after working out. For directions on how to make ORS Hydration Tablets for children aged 3 to 6, please see the patient information leaflet.

Ingredients: Acidity Regulator [Citric Acid,Sodium Bicarbonate]; Sugar [Dextrose Monohydrate GD-SDG (Glucose Syrup)]; Vitamin C [L-Ascorbic Acid]; Potassium Chloride; Sodium Chloride; Flavour [Natural Orange Flavour], Anti-Caking Agent [Maize Starch]; Sweetener [Sucralose]; Colour [Redbeet Powder]; Ferrous Sulphate; Vitamin D3 [Cholecalciferol]; Zinc Oxide; Riboflavin.

Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians.

Store below 25℃.

Do not store prepared O.R.S solution for more than 8 hours outside a refrigerator. If refrigerated, the solution may be stored for up to 24 hours.

Warning: Do NOT use this medication if:

You are allergic to any of the listed ingredients.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

The product is past the expiration date.

Do NOT exceed the stated dose.

Please consult a doctor or pharmacist before use if you have diabetes, or are on a low-sodium or potassium diet. Do NOT USE it if you have intestinal obstruction or problems with your liver or kidney function.

Do NOT continue this medication if you suffer from any possible side effects. Seek medical attention immediately if side effects occur. (for further details refer to the patient information leaflet).

Keep out of reach of children.

For full details of O.R.S Immune Juicy Orange Flavour - 20 Tablets please see the product package. 

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