Kelo-Cote Enhanced Formula Scar Gel - 15g



Kelo-cote, the only patented silicone gel clinically proven to smooth, soften, flatten scars; relieves itching, discomfort; reduces redness For new and old scars.

  • Pervention of abnormal scars
  • Clinically Proven

Kelo-cote is a patented topical silicone gel for the management and prevention of abnormal scars in the form of hypertrophic scars and keloids. Kelo-cote gel self-dries within 4-5 minutes to a waterproof gas permeable membrane that acts like an extra layer of skin.


  • Apply a very thin layer of Kelo-Cote onto the scar, twice a day, do not rub in.
  • Kelo-Cote self-dries within 5 minutes, forming a flexible, waterproof, transparent layer.
  • Remove any excess if the product doesn't dry completely.
    Once dry, sunblock and cosmetics can be applied.



  • Apply carefully to all exposed clean and dry skin except for eyes and lips.
  • For use on face, spray into palm of hand before applying.

For full details about Kelo-Cote see the Patient Information on the side of the box.

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