Gengigel Mouth Rinse for Gums - 150ml



Use Gengigel Mouthrinse on inflamed and receding gums or any discomfort of the mouth or gum tissue.

  • Reduces inflammation. Treats mouth ulcers and receding gums. Lesions caused by braces.
  • Active protection from gum disease, gigngivitis.
  • Developed to aid the regeneration of gum tissue.

Gengigel restores and maintains healthy gums and soothes inflamed and damaged oral tissue Gengigel Contains : Hyaluronan 0.2% which helps facilitate the natural tissue healing and recovery process.


Usage/ Dosage

  • After brushing rinse for 1-2 minutes.

For full details of the ingredients of this product please see product packaging.

Keep out of reach and sight of children. If product is swallowed seek medical advice.


For full details about Gingigel Mouth Rinse please see the Patient Information Leaflet inside the box. 

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