Earcalm Spray for Ear Infections 5ml



EarCalm spray is a product that is used to treat outer ear infections. The active ingredient in EarCalm is acetic acid. Acetic acid is an antibacterial agent that targets the bacteria causing the infection in your ear. Treating the bacteria will reduce the amount of swelling and pair you may experience. 


Use EarCalm carefully for best results:

  • First, shake the bottle well.
  • If you’ve just started using the bottle, or haven’t used it for over a week, press the pump a few times until you get a fine spray. It’s important not to point the nozzle at yourself or anyone else.
  • Place the nozzle gently into your ear.
  • Press the pump once to spray 1 dose.
  • Pump 1 dose into your affected ear at least 3 times a day. Leave at least 2 hours between doses.
  • Don’t worry if you forget to use EarCalm. Use it as soon as your remember, then carry on as before.
  • Keep using EarCalm until 2 days after your symptoms have gone.

If you don’t feel better after 7 days of treatment, speak to your GP who may prescribe an anti-inflammatory treatment.

EarCalm Spray contains the following ingredients:
Macrogol Stearyl Ether, Stearyl Alcohol, Methyl Parahydroxybenzoate (E218), Propyl Parahydroxybenzoate (E216), Purified Water.
Each metered dose contains the active ingredient: Acetic acid (33%) 2 %w/w.

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