Digital Thermometer with Fever Alarm – For Oral, Armpit or Rectal Use



This product gives a fast and accurate temperature reading, also notifying you with a rapid beep if you have a fever. This product can be easily re-used, and instructions for disinfecting can be found in the information leaflet.

A high temperature / fever is one of the listed symptoms of COVID-19. Checking your body’s temperature with a thermometer is an easy way to identify a fever. If you have a fever, you should stay home to avoid making others unwell.

NB a fever can also be symptomatic of other illnesses.

HOW TO USE: Press the On/Off button. Once the tone sounds (displaying start-up screen followed by last recorded temperature), place the thermometer in the area to be used (oral use suggested). Keep the thermometer in place at least until the initial beeping stops (it it recommended to keep the probe in place for 2 minutes for the most accurate reading). After this, the measured temperature will display on the LCD. If your temperature exceeds 37.8 degrees Celcius, the beeping will me much more rapid. More detailed usage instructions can be found in the leaflet enclosed with the product.

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