Compeed Bunion Plasters - 5 Medium Plasters



Compeed Bunion Medium Plasters are second-skin plasters for bunions that not only immediately relieve painful pressure but also avoid rubbing. With the Hydrocolloid Technology and the thick cushioning, it not only quickly relieves pain but also instantly relieves the pressure and rubbing that can aggravate the bunion. Protecting the skin and redistributing pressure it leads to a more comfortable walk and helps to prevent blisters and chafing, resulting in less hardened skin on the area. Specially designed to easily adapt to the feet contour for maximum comfort, the plaster is both breathable and waterproof and stays in place for several days flexing with movement.

Before applying Compeed Bunion Medium Plasters clean and dry the skin. Ensure there are no oils or creams in the area. Remove the protective papers from the plaster avoiding touching the adhesive side. Apply the plaster over the bunion and smooth the wedges. Leave in place until the plasters start to detach from the skin (it will take a few days). Replace as needed.

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