Bisodol Indigestion Relief - 100 Tablet



Bisodol Tablets are formulated to treat the effects of three conditions, indigestion, heartburn, and trapped wind. The tablets work by neutralising the pH in the stomach acid. Excess stomach acid is a common cause of indigestion and heartburn.

  • Heart burn
  • Trapped wind
  • 100 Capsules

These tablets are suitable for anyone aged 12 and over who are suffering from the effects of indigestion, heartburn, and/or trapped wind. Anyone who is allergic to any of the ingredients in the tablets should not use them.


  • You should take 1-2 tablets a day as needed.
  • You can either suck or chew the tablets.

Consult doctor before use if on a low sodium diet.


For full details on the ingredients of this product please see side of the box.


For full details about Bisodol Indigestion Relief please see the Patient Information on the back of the packet.

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