Bazuka Sub-Zero Freeze Treatment for Verrucas & Warts - 12 Applications



Bazuka Sub-Zero is a powerful freezing treatment designed to quickly freeze warts and verrucas. This works like the cryotherapy treatment doctors use.

  • Prevents the spread of the virus
  • Breaks down infected area
  • Forms a protective barrier

This treatment is suitable for adults and children, aged four and over. Cryotherapy is the treatment of benign and malignant tissue by using low temperatures to freeze the infected area and destroy the tissue. If left untreated, warts and verrucas can spread, on the body as well as another person.



  • Assemble the applicator before use.
  • This is done by inserting one of the 12 included foam applicators into the aerosol can.
  • You then charge the applicator by pressing down for three seconds.
  • You will know it is charged when you hear a hissing sound.


Take care when applying the treatment and only use it on warts and verrucas. The contact time depends on the size of the wart or verruca and the recommended times. For less than 2.5mm – 10 seconds, In between 2.5mm-5mm – 15 seconds, Larger than 5mm – 20 seconds.



Dimethyl ether, Liquid propane gas


The treated area will turn white when using the treatment. If any irritation or discomfort persists then should contact your doctor.Do not use if you have diabetes, Suffer from poor blood circulation in your body, If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, If you are using another form of wart and verruca treatment or on sensitive, cut, damaged, grazed, or itchy skin.


For full details about Bazuka Sub-Zero Freeze Treatment for Verrucas & Warts please see the Patient Information Leaflet inside the box. 

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