B Braun Prontosan Solution 350ml



B Braun Solution - 350ml 

Prontosan Irrigation Solution for cleaning, rinsing and moisturising of acute and chronic skin wounds. For the prevention of biofilm

  • Proven reduction in healing times
  • Reduction in odour
  • Pain relief
  • Reduction in infection
  • Reductions in both dressing changes/nursing visits thus overall improving patient quality of life.

Methods of application:

  • Prontosan Solution is used to clean the wound and the area around it.
  • It is recommended to use Prontosan Gel in abundance after cleaning the wound.
  • Dressings, gauze, compresses, and other absorbent materials that will be in contact with the wound can be moistened with Prontosan Gel.


For full list of ingredients please see the patient information leaflet



Full details about B Braun please see the Patient Information of the side of the product.

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