Allergan Refresh Ophthalmic Eye Drops - 30 Doeses



Refresh Ophthalmic is for the soothing relief of irritated dry eyes and symptoms of dry eyes.

  • 30 Doses
  • Eases dry and irritated eyes
  • Refreshes and lubricates the eye.

It can be also used as comfort drops while wearing soft or hard contact lenses. Safe for use with soft contact lenses and rigid gas permeable lenses


  • Twist off the tab.
  • Drop 1 or 2 drops into the eye.
  • Throw away empty vial.

Polyvinyl Alcohol USP • Povidone • Sodium Chloride • Purified Water • Sodium Hydroxide or Hydrochloric Acid to adjust pH.

Do not drive if your vision is blurry after using this Refresh Ophthalmic Eye Drops. Vials are not to be stored after opening. Avoid use if you think you are allergic to any of the ingredients (listed below). To keep dropper sterile, avoid it coming into contact with the eye's surface or any other surface.


For full details about Allergan please see the Patient Information inside of the box.

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