ACIDEX Advance Peppermint Liquid - 500ml



Acidex Advance Oral Suspension assists in preventing and relieving the symptoms of acid reflux, Indigestion and heartburn by creating a protective layer at the top of your stomach. This protective layer stops reflux from occurring by keeping the stomach contents away from the lining of the food pipe. Acidex Advance Oral Suspension can also be taken to prevent and relieve the conditions such as hiatus hernia, reflux oesophagitis (inflamed food pipe) and symptoms of hoarseness and other voice disorders, sore throat and cough associated with reflux.

Features of Acidex Advance Oral Suspension

• Contain active ingredients sodium alginate and potassium hydrogen carbonate.
• Prevents and relieves acid reflux, heartburn and indigestion.
• Peppermint flavour.

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